FUNimation’s “Z Kai – Part 7” Exists & Still Coming This Month
Published by 01 March 2012, 3:06 PM EST

There was a bit of concern among fandom a little over a month ago when FUNimation announced that the first four “parts” of their Z Kai release (on both DVD and Blu-ray) were being discontinued in favor of “season” sets. “Part 7” was still on the books for a late March release, coming in a whopping six months after the prior two-disc set… but would it ultimately see the light of day?

Our forum member Travis Touchdown popped in today to reveal that RightStuf is already shipping out their orders for the discs (officially due out 27 March 2012), and his arrived today:

Furthermore, the release contains a teaser for “Part 8”, which will wrap up the series with episodes 89 to 98 — that also means it will include the “bonus” episode that never aired on Japanese television due to the earthquake and tsunami disaster.

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