“Battle of Gods” Original Soundtrack Full Track Listing
Published by 21 February 2013, 11:09 AM EST

The Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods “Original Soundtrack” was only just announced a few short days ago, and while cover art was revealed, no track listing was provided beyond the inclusion of the two main vocal songs from FLOW (“CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA” and “HERO ~Song of Hope~”).


FLOW and Sony Music Japan unveiled the full track listing for the soundtrack today, and we can see why it was held back for a while: there are plenty of mentions of the new “Super Saiyan God” form that has been teased for the movie!

  1. The Blackness of Space (Awakening of the God of Destruction)
  2. A Bad Feeling
  3. Our Hero, Son Goku (~ “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA” (Main Title))
  4. Birusu’s Approaching Shadow (Birusu and Uisu)
  5. Birusu’s Approaching Shadow (Birusu’s Prophetic Dream)
  6. Bulma’s Birthday Party
  7. Birusu, God of Destruction, Appears
  8. Kaiō in a Panic
  9. HERO (Goku’s Curiosity)
  10. Super Saiyan 3’s Power
  11. Earth’s Crisis
  12. A Memory Recalled
  13. Birusu’s Approaching Shadow (Vegeta’s Unease)
  14. A Super-Deluxe Prize
  15. The Pilaf Gang Arrives
  16. The Pilaf Gang is Driven Off
  17. A Sad-Yet-Foolish Memory
  18. Birusu’s Approaching Shadow (Seeking Out the Super Saiyan God)
  19. The Curtain Opens on a Bingo Tournament
  20. The Pilaf Gang Arrives (Baby Gang)
  21. Birusu’s Wrath
  22. Fun Bingo
  23. Birusu’s Overwhelming Power
  24. Vegeta Enraged
  25. The Invulnerable Birusu
  26. Goku Appears
  27. Shenlong Comes Out
  28. The Legendary God
  29. Chosen Warriors
  30. One More Saiyan
  31. Super Saiyan God is Born
  32. Super Saiyan God’s Power
  33. Goku in Trouble
  34. Mortal Combat with a God
  35. HERO: Song of Hope —Short Ver.—
  36. Life that Must Be Protected
  37. As Long as He Lives
  38. The Eternal Universe (Budding Friendship)
  39. Certain Death
  40. The Eternal Universe (Parting)
  41. The Blackness of Space (After the Battle)
  42. CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA (A Peaceful Earth)

Other story elements confirmed or teased by the titles on the list include Bulma’s birthday party (first hinted at during the movie’s panel at Jump Festa ’13), Pilaf and his gang, etc. What is this “One More Saiyan” that is also hinted at…?

Sony’s posting currently contains a typo of ゴット (gotto) instead of ゴッド (goddo) for Track #18, and “CHA-LA HAED-CHA-LA” for Track #42; this has been corrected in all of our listings.

The 43-track soundtrack for the movie (KSCL-2109), with music by Norihito Sumitomo, is due out 27 March 2013 (three days before the film hits theaters) for a pretty standard ¥2,800.

The full track listing for the soundtrack, including the original Japanese text and romanizations, can be found on the “Movie Music” page of our “Music Database“.

Thanks to our buddy kei17 for the heads-up!

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