Community Update: User Accounts and Donations
Published by 02 August 2013, 4:44 PM EDT

We generally like to keep the home page feed packed with genuine content like news, guide updates, podcast episodes, etc. There are a few Kanzenshuu “meta” items that require getting the word out a little more, so please excuse the minor interruption and more conversational tone!

When we re-launched the site as the newly-combined Kanzenshuu back in April 2012, we ported over the sites themselves as the first step, and then the old Daizenshuu EX community to integrate into the larger site. The goal was to bring everything together as one entity so that your account was then a single login to allow for forum posts, sure, but also comments on news stories and eventually contributions to the still-planned wiki.

To no real surprise, Kanzenshuu grew even bigger than we expected over the last year. Our priorities were always on news and content generation, so things like account activations would occasionally get away from us into a pretty big backlog. We recently made some updates and changes to the system which will hopefully alleviate some of those problems and allow us to stay on top of it at a quicker pace.

If you registered prior to today (02 August 2013) and still have not had your account activated, you are no longer in the system and will need to re-register. We apologize for the inconvenience for the few of you that slipped through the cracks, but this will at least keep things clean and organized for us moving forward. Thanks for understanding!

We know it goes without saying for the type of visitors/readers/listeners we have here at Kanzenshuu, but we would be remiss to not mention and point to our community guidelines. In a nutshell, we expect everyone to type properly and be an awesome person. Does that sound like you? We want you to hang out with us, then!

Finally, our “Donate” page has been updated — up through last month — with all the fine folks that have contributed recently to keep the site afloat. Those of you that have been following along since the 2012 re-launch probably remember some of the database errors and timeouts we were experiencing, particularly around the lead-up to Battle of Gods. That is no longer an issue thanks to some incredible coding clean-up work by our own Hujio, but also your donations that let us throw the necessary resources at the entire site as a whole. If you have donated since last month, thanks! Your name will be included in the next month or so’s listing. If not, and we don’t like to ask this often and especially as in-your-face at this, please consider the value that you get from Kanzenshuu with timely news, accurate translations, archived guides, our podcast, community, and so on and so forth. Your help makes a world of difference.

With that we’ll get back out of your face and let you enjoy the plethora of content coming your way! Please look forward to a ton of guide enhancements and updates. We will also be back on schedule with the podcast this week, so if your ears have felt a little lonely lately, we have you covered coming up soon!

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