Podcast Episode #0354
Published by 21 January 2014, 4:18 PM EST

They are the items for which the series is named: the Dragon Balls. Akira Toriyama had toyed with “dragons” and “balls” before in series like Dragon Boy, but it will forever be the Dragon Balls that he is best known for. When the series begins, we are told that Shenlong is able to grant any wish. By the time the franchise and its extensions came to a close, we had three independent sets of Dragon Balls all with their own individual rules and stipulations. Just what are those rules, exactly, though? Decades of fan misinformation combined with Toriyama’s own laid-back writing style have resulted in a bit of confusion, so it is Kanzenshuu to the rescue!


Episode #0354! VegettoEX and Herms discuss all of the rules for the Dragon Balls. Earth and Namek have their own sets, and even “Dragon Ball GT” introduced a third set. Can Shenlong truly grant any wish? Is there a power balance threshold that no dragon can cross? So is it two or three wishes at the end of the series? All these questions and more are answered!


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