Published by VegettoEX
18 July 2014, 9:39 AM EDT

Tomorrow’s September 2014 issue of V-Jump teases yet another new transformation for Broli in the upcoming Ja’aku Ryū Misshon (“JM” / “Evil Dragon Mission”) update #6 for the card-based arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes. After discussing some of the current JM5 material, the magazine drops the following tease:



At the appearance of an even stronger warrior, the universe quakes!!!

An exclusive scoop will be provided on “the astounding next stage of Heroes” in the next issue. Is this a Super Saiyan 4 transformation for Broli, or something else entirely?

Broli was given a Super Saiyan 3 transformation back in 2009 for Dragon Battlers, the Carddass predecessor to Dragon Ball Heroes based on the same card/arcade technology. His and Vegeta’s Super Saiyan 3 forms were also used later that year for Raging Blast on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The current update, “JM5” (launched earlier this month), features a variety of old villains — such as Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta, Garlic Jr., Slug, No. 13, Bojack, Tullece, Janenba, and even Hatchihyack — under Bobbidi’s spell, as well as a “pure” Majin Boo with Bobbidi absorbed.

Dragon Ball Heroes has not made its way outside of Japan. A second portable version of the arcade game, Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2, launches on the Japanese Nintendo 3DS next month. The game will cover up through “JM3” of the arcade game’s updates.

  1. hleV

    Majin No. 13? How does that even work?

    18 July 20149:50 AM EDT
  2. Lance Freeman

    Legendary Super Saiyan 4 God, combining the aspects of the three most powerful versions of the form we’ve seen to move merchandise… I MEAN, create the most powerful, most dangerous villain we’ve seen so far.

    18 July 201412:19 PM EDT
  3. Super Sayian Prime

    Still sticking with DBH being the worst Dragon Ball video game.

    18 July 20144:39 PM EDT
  4. worldmonsters

    @Super Sayian Prime, have you even PLAYED this game? How can you comment on it being a bad video game if you’ve never ever played it? Sure the “story” is utter fanfiction, but the fact that this is still going… still going STRONG is probably a good sign that this game is actually kind of worthwhile playing 😮 Right?

    18 July 20146:17 PM EDT