FUNimation “Android” DVD and Suncoast Updates
Published by 26 March 2001, 10:02 PM EST

According to Suncoast’s latest listings, the “Frieza: The Summoning” disc is due out on 10 April 2001, but we also have another three discs announced! The last two in the series of four “Androids” DVDs (“Assassins” and “Invincible”) are due out on 03 April 2001, and the first Garlic Jr. disc (“Black Water Mist”) is due out on 06 April 2001. Additionally, as we all know by now, FUNimation has announced that starting with the “World Tournament: Junior Division” release, we will see simultaneous VHS/DVD releases. Excellent!

On a related note, on’s top selling DVD list, the DBZ discs have been moving up since we last checked. “Androids – Invasion” is up to #5, with “Androids – Dr. Gero” following at #8. The only anime disc above DBZ in the top list is the third “Outlaw Star” collection (which is number one). Way to go!

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