Ultimate Battle 22: Domestic Or Not?
Published by 29 January 2003, 2:05 AM EST

Apparently, Infogrames really is translating “Ultimate Battle 22” for PS1… at least in Australia.

According to the Australian site, the game is being released on March 14th of this year. However, their main site (and more specifically, the DBZ games section linked off the main page) makes absolutely NO mention of this game.

It would seem that the game has been released in Europe before, and now they’re RE-releasing it, along with “Final Bout”

(UPDATE: GameStop is offering the game up for pre-order on their site with a release date of 25 March 2003 and a price tag of a mere $19.99.)

Thanks to the kind folks in this MadMan forum thread for pointing out the link to the Australian site.

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