New Bandai WonderSwan Game
Published by 20 July 2003, 8:18 PM EDT

For the two of you in North America that actually own a Bandai WonderSwan and have not already played the game on your NES emulators, Bandai of Japan has announced they will be releasing a new Dragon Ball game for the WonderSwan Crystal on 16 November 2003. The game, “DragonBall: Legend of Goku”, is actually a remake of the game by the same name for the Nintendo Famicom. It is a card-battle game, similar to many of the other Dragon Ball games released in Japan.

The game was actually the third NES game released for the Dragon Ball franchise. To read more about it, check out SuperPope’s review of the game in its original Famicom format.

Thanks to The Magic-Box for the news blurb.

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