DBGT Sales, DB & GT Confirmed for YTV
Published by 31 July 2003, 2:30 PM EDT

The “First Alert” list (which tracks overall VHS and DVD sales) lists Dragon Ball GT in the top 20 for both VHS and DVD for the week of 20 July 2003. As listed on Anime News Network:

#1 DBGT: Preparation (edited)
#2 DBGT: Ramifications (edited)
#9 DBGT: Preparation (uncut)
#10 DBGT: Ramifications (uncut)
#13 DBGT: Proliferation (uncut)
#20 DBGT: Creation (edited)

In related news, YTV (the Canadian TV channel) has confirmed both the original Dragon Ball TV series as well as Dragon Ball GT for programming this fall. So far there has been no word from FUNimation or Cartoon Network about an airing of Dragon Ball GT state-side.

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