“Shinron” vs. “Shenron” Explanation
Published by 18 January 2004, 6:06 PM EST

A couple people have been “concerned” about FUNimation’s changing of the name of Dragon Ball GT‘s last arc to the “Shadow Dragon” saga. Julian actually typed up something about this on earlier today, so I’m going to paraphrase it below:

The “evil dragons” are not “___ shenron” but are actually “___ shinron” — “Xing Long”, or “Star Dragons.” For example, Sūshinron is Si Xing Long, or the 4-Star Dragon. Remember that Toriyama’s written-out names for the Dragon Balls, themselves, are all in Chinese, with his own intended pronunciation written above in kana. The dragons that come out of the Dragon Balls are no different.

The evil version of Shenlong that comes out initially when they try to call the Dragon is called “Kokuen no Ryū” in Japanese, or “Black Smoke Dragon” — “Shadow Dragon” is not all that far off, if you think about “black smoke” causing “shadows”.

(Of course, nobody can dispute the complete wackiness of the names they made up for the individual Star Dragons such as “Nuova Shenron” and “Eis Shenron”.)

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