Movie Dragon Box + Individual R2 DBZ DVD Releases
Published by 20 July 2005, 9:02 AM EDT

Two big announcements from Toei Animation: they will finally be releasing a Dragon Box for all of the movies, and the Dragon Ball Z TV series, as produced for the two Dragon Box sets, will be re-released on individual discs.

New Information Thrillingly Appears — We’re Updating!
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Two big, new projects are starting up!


The DRAGON BALL Z DVD release for the general public that fans have been waiting for, will start in Fall 2005!! All 291 episodes will be released across 49 volumes, and Pony Canyon will be putting 3 volumes on sale each month! (Julian’s note: That’s 5-6 episodes each; no mention is made of the three other discs from the sets that contained the two TV Specials and video extras, however. Three volumes per month makes the release schedule work out to a year and four or five months.)

And for those of who you who missed out on buying the DVD BOXES, this is your chance to enjoy DRAGON BALL Z with high-quality video.

Expected Price: ¥3,990 each (tax inclusive)
Rental DVDs will go on sale at the same time!! We’ll be announcing the latest information on this homepage and others!


The DVD version of all 17 works in the DRAGON BALL movie series has been eagerly anticipated, as up until now, they have been released on video. That long-awaited DVD BOX version is now planned, from Toei Video!!

In line with the DRAGON BOX series up to now, the stories and characters from all the movies (and nothing but the movies) will be tightly and luxuriously packed inside.

As soon as the particulars are decided, we’ll be announcing it on this homepage and others.

Pre-orders for the movie set will begin in either the winter of ’05 or the spring of ’06. The box will contain 17 movies: the 3 Dragon Ball movies, the 13 Dragon Ball Z movies, as well as the 10th anniversary movie. This set will not include either of the Z TV specials, the GT special, or the Bandai “Gaiden” video, as they have already been released with the other Dragon Boxes.

The re-release of the Dragon Ball Z TV series will be spread across 49 individual DVDs containing roughly six episodes per disc. Each disc will cost ¥3,990. These individual discs are exciting for fans who could not afford the Dragon Box sets, were too late for them, or just did not want every single episode. Of course, the packaging will no doubt take up more room, and collecting the entire series will be more expensive overall.

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