Podcast Episode #0005
Published by 18 December 2005, 9:21 PM EST

This week we brought in Maggie from Lovely Cyborg to talk with us about 人造人間 (jinzōningen) and its various translations throughout the world. Android? Cyborg? Robot? Which term is appropriate for which character(s), and why? We also put out the request this episode for you to send in your questions… as both e-mail AND MP3s! If you’d like to record yourself asking us a question, please feel free.

So check out the episode! Remember, folks… Daizenshuu EX: Where you learn about zombie dogs. For more information (download link, other topics discussed, XML for subscription, etc.), visit our “Podcast” page.

Episode #0005! Julian returns to talk Jinzoningen (versus android, cyborg, and robot) with VegettoEX, Meri, and our special guest Maggie from Lovely Cyborg. Breaking video game news and amusing stories round us out for this hilarious week.


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