How To Determine Your “Budokai 3: Greatest Hits” Version
Published by 04 March 2006, 10:00 AM EST

Atari re-released “Budokai 3” under the “Greatest Hits” label with a few extras from the JP version of the game (including the extra costumes and Japanese voices). Due to some type of production error, they accidentally shipped the original 2004 version (with no extras) in the new packaging. Despite corrected versions making their way to store shelves, there is still a possibility that you might get the wrong version.

Our forum member Akira has come up with a pretty interesting observation regarding the mishap, and it involves the type of shrink-wrap used on it:

Okay, today the Best Buy store that I work at restocked Budokai 3 Greatest Hits. I bought one and it was indeed the updated version that I have sought for so long. Seeing as I have in my possesion a Misprint and Correct version of GH Budokai 3, I noticed one packaging difference that may help future seekers grab the correct one.

I was hoping this would be the case, as it was because of this one difference that I took a chance again and bought another copy.

It boils down to this my friends; Shrink Wrap.

The Misprint copy had the “stiffer” shrink wrap that is folded and glued on the ends like almost every video game or DVD that you might purchase on a regular basis.

The Corrected Copy had the “Softer” Saran Wrap style shrinkwrap on it. This stood out to me because it is the same style we use in the store to re-shrinkwrap items that get knocked or the standard shrinkwrap glue comes loose and comes off easily.

It was this that made me think right off, “Hey, this looks like it’s been re-shrinkwrapped! Oh, but these just came in today…. I bet they opened them at Atari and put the correct discs in the cases and reshrinked them in a hurry! Worth a shot I guess to find out.”

Well, I was right. So I hope my discovery helps anyone else in search of the corrected copies out there. Good luck friends.

I checked my local Best Buy today, and the theory indeed seems to make sense.

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