Spain Getting Remastered DBZ
Published by 21 May 2006, 10:10 PM EDT

Special thanks to sangofe on our forum for bringing it to our attention, and then Conan for translating it all for us. Here is a little bit of information:

Two discs will be rocking in this first volume, similar to that of the Cabala of the Zodiac (which included 8 collectible editions). Overall, 36 releases, presented/displayed in sexy double cases (covered with a cardboard cover), and this will comprise the four basic sagas; each one’s cover sporting a distinctive color. This’ll divide DragonBall Z into the respective Saiyan, Freeza, Cell and Majin Boo arcs.

The image quality of these editions is taken from the original masters without censorship, as well as has been re-mastered to offer the best possible visual quality. Not to mention, the inclusion of the original language, the diverse additions, and Castilian subtitle track. We, the distributors, confirm that we’re working on translating this directly from the Japanese version to accomplish the greatest possible quality, with respectable accuracy to the original dialogue.

Extras include some video game openings, OP/ED karaoke versions, image galleries, tons of audio tracks… this is definitely something to keep an eye on! The original news can be found over at

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