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Published by 03 June 2006, 8:35 PM EDT

In addition to the titles and releases we already knew, our forum member Mike found a few updates on for the domestic releases of a few games.

To break down the important information, it looks like both the domestic releases of “Super Dragon Ball Z” and “Sparking! NEO” are coming in at a very affordable $39.99 price point. In addition to that, “Advances Adventure” is sporting cover art changed from its original Japanese version, but still pretty neat on its own:

GameStop.con is listing the domestic PS2 version of “Sparking! NEO” as “Budokai Tenkaichi 2”, with the Wii version (for $60) as “Tenkaichi NEO”. Interesting. There is still no official Japanese release date for the game, but one can probably safely assume September/October (the last game came out approximately two weeks earlier in Japan than it did in the US).

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