Published by VegettoEX
06 April 2007, 8:40 PM EDT

It turns out some listings for a couple VERY strange releases popped up on RightStuf in the last week or so:

First off, let us assume that is supposed to be “Plan” in that second volume (he does not eat much bread). Second, let us note that FUNimation is certainly listed as the distributor for both volumes. Third, let us note that they are listed as 60 minutes a pop, which roughly comes to about three episodes each. Fourth, let us note that those titles in Spanish roughly correspond with the “Ultimate Uncut Edition” titles of the first two volumes, which also contain three episodes a pop. Fifth, let us certainly note that these titles are distinctly different from the Spanish remastered releases (with sub-titles such as “La Saga De Los Saiyans”; Spain uses “Saiyan” while Mexico uses “Saiyajin”). Sixth, note the amazing pre-order price which is under $10.

Seventh, let us note that we have absolutely zero information beyond this… but we shall keep a careful eye on it!