Podcast Episode #0094
Published by 16 September 2007, 8:08 PM EDT

Episode #0094 of the podcast is available for download! This week, Meri and I took a look at the “Dragon Ball Collector” segment that can be found within the October 2007 of the domestic Shonen Jump. Tune in for our thoughts on its content, including a brief interview with Akira Toriyama, their translation of Neko Majin Z 5, various bits of information, and a whole lot more. Per the norm, you’ve also got this month’s releases, some e-mails, and just a whole lot of fun. Julian checks in from Japan, again, too! Definitely check it out.

Episode #0094! VegettoEX and Meri discuss, dissect, and divulge all information on the October 2007 issue of Shonen Jump’s “Dragon Ball Collector” section. From an interview with Akira Toriyama, to a translation of “Neko Majin Z 5”, to a whole bunch of both relevant and entirely irrelevant information, what was the purpose of this seemingly major production? Video game news, September’s releases, and your e-mails round out the episode. See you next week at AWA!


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