Podcast Episode #0100
Published by 31 October 2007, 5:46 PM EDT

Episode #0100 of the podcast is (finally) available for download! I’d apologize for the wait, but when you see what’s in store for you, I think you’ll understand ^_~. We start out by bribing everyone with last week’s news and the start-up of a new contest…! That’s right… we’re giving away daizenshuu numero two, “STORY GUIDE”… and you can’t wait to get it! You also get to choose a sub-prize, so check it all out and listen in for more details. The episode is rounded off with a nearly three-hour clip-show extravaganza, showcasing all sorts of memories from the last one hundred episodes. I’d say more, but you just need to listen in… we think you’ll enjoy it. Definitely check it out.

Episode #0100! VegettoEX, Meri, and Julian bribe listeners with this week’s news and the start-up of a daizenshuu give-away contest before looking back on the last one hundred episodes. A three-hour clip-show of all the greatest moments from the last hundred episodes rounds out the extravaganza.


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