“Power Live ’98” CD Re-release
Published by 10 June 2008, 7:30 PM EDT

It would appear that Hironobu Kageyama’s fantastic “Power Live ’98” CD is going to be re-released. Of the sixteen tracks on this CD full of live performances, there are five Dragon Ball songs:

  • “Mind Power …Ki…”
    (DBZ episode 139 insert / Trunks flashback)
  • “Unmei no Hi ~Tamashii tai Tamashii~”
    (DBZ episode 184 insert / Super Saiyan 2 Gohan)
  • “Boku-tachi wa Tenshi Datta”
    (DBZ 2nd ending)
    (DBZ 1st opening)
  • “FOR EVER~”
    (image song)

Note that all of the live DB songs from the “Power Live ’95” CD were included in the recent so-called “Chōzenshū” set. In other words, if you do not already own this CD, you will want to pick it up!

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