Dragon Ball Movies R2 DVD Covers 3-4
Published by 04 August 2008, 10:59 PM EDT

The first two discs have not even been released yet and Toei has already posted the final cover art for their next set of Dragon Ball movies individual discs. Dragon Ball Z movies three and four are set to be released 12 September 2008. You can still order any of the previously released discs or any of these discs from Amazon Japan.

Toei has also created yet another site for the movies release, which I believe brings their total to three. The title suggests it is a campaign site for the releases, but it unfortunately does not give us any new information. Also, for those of you interested, the Jumpland DVD site has been updated with a screen saver for the first two individual discs. If you want it, be sure to go grab it before they put up the new one!

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