Live Action Movie PSP Game Listed
Published by 15 January 2009, 9:16 AM EST

Our buddy Tanooki Kuribo found a listing on Play-Asia for Dragon Ball Evolution for the PSP. This would indeed be the game based on the upcoming live action movie that was first shown off at Jump Festa a few weeks back. Right now Play-Asia is listing a release date of 19 March 2009 for this Japanese version of the game and will be selling it for $48.98. There has been no word on a stateside release of the game, but being that it is based on a movie that has been created over here in America, it would make sense to release it over here. Keep in mind that despite all this, Japan is getting the movie a month before the US, so perhaps we can expect the PSP game in April, as well…? We will let you know.

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