Podcast Episode #0165
Published by 22 February 2009, 7:49 PM EST

Episode #0165 of the podcast is available for download! This week we gave a little recap of all the huge news going on (in fact, I had to do a little break-away during the show’s editing to record a little extra based on today’s stuff). Sure, there’s no “topic” like our normal episodes, but that didn’t stop us from delving pretty in-depth with stuff. Definitely check it out.

Episode #0165! VegettoEX and Jeff end up doing another episode on their own, completely buried in news. What we thought were just a few tidbits about “DragonBall Kai” end up being an avalanche. Some other news like VizBig delays, a new French DVD boxset, and a few other items of interest keep things moving along. We happened to be streaming this episode live while we recorded, so we took some questions from the live audience to round out the episode!


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