“Dragon Ball Kai” Being Redrawn?
Published by 11 March 2009, 8:54 PM EDT

While we anticipated scenes were being redrawn, a little visual confirmation never hurts. The blog “We Remember Love“, maintained by ghostlightning, recently (February 7th) posted an update covering his tour of Toei Animation’s Philippines branch. While he was there an in-between animator for Toei let him take a crack at re-drawing a frame for Dragon Ball Kai.

Here is what ghostlightning had to say about the remastering of Dragon Ball Kai:

…I actually went to TOEI Animation Philippines and confirmed it. TOEI is producing Dragonball Z in High Definition. They no longer have the original cels or artwork, which means they are re-drawing on captured images from the existing videos. Some new art will be drawn to expand the dimensions to fit wide-screen aspect ratios. It’s hard to explain the process, but I actually got to do it myself.

This is the same thing our pal Wasted Wisher has been saying for a while now. In the long run, it makes one question just how representative the recent promotional video is of the final product. It also raises the question: will they be correcting any of the bad animation that appears throughout Dragon Ball Z?

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