Namco-Bandai Handling All Future North American Game Releases
Published by 02 June 2009, 11:45 AM EDT

We have it on good authority that all of the new Dragon Ball video games are due out this fall in North America in addition to their European releases. These games include Attack of the Saiyans on the DS (dropping the “Kai” title just like its European release), Revenge of King Piccolo on the Wii, and Raging Blast on the PS3 & 360.

The real clincher here? They are coming straight from Namco-Bandai, just like in Europe. Atari is nowhere to be seen.

UPDATE: In come the press releases!

We have reached out to Atari for a statement on their current and future role in the franchise. As you heard on our most recent podcast episode (and will eventually come in some sort of concise written form to the home page), quite a bit is going on with the company these days.

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