Toei Licensing Deals in Latin America
Published by 08 July 2009, 10:54 AM EDT

Toei has announced new deals with Latin American distributors for merchandise based on the Dragon Ball franchise. If you are interested in magnets, backpacks, and pencil cases… this might be for you.

Toei Animation has secured a number of Latin America-based licensees for DRAGON BALL Z, ONE PIECE and SAINT SEIYA, it was announced today by Eduardo Lucio, sales manager, Latin America.

Included among the company’s prestigious roster of Latin American-based licensees are Panini for DRAGONBALL Z magnets in Mexico; Chenson for DRAGON BALL Z and SAINT SEIYA bags and backpacks in Mexico; Cordez for DRAGONBALL Z bags and backpacks in Brazil; Cardebras for ONE PIECE Notebooks in Brazil; Corp. Industrias Plasticas for DRAGON BALL Z balls and folders in Peru; Global Partners for DRAGON BALL Z binders and pencil cases in Argentina; Creative Hats for DRAGON BALL Z sunglasses in Argentina; Distribuidora Latapy for DRAGON BALL Z tricycles and skateboards in Argentina.

Now boasting 508 episodes, the DRAGON BALL phenomena follows Goku’s quest (main character in the series) to become the strongest martial artist in the universe and his search for the seven magic Dragon Balls in a saga that encompasses three parts — Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. Dragon Ball adapts Japanese big success comics of the same title by Akira Toriyama. Since this animated series produced in 1986, this has continued broadcasted in major European countries. In France, the series currently airs on MCM, NT1, AB1 and Mangas.

There probably is not much there for the older fans, but those of you with kids (or are still kids, yourselves) might find some stuff of interest!

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