New “Dragon Ball Online” Media
Published by 24 August 2009, 1:24 PM EDT

There has been a rather large drought of Dragon Ball Online information over the last several months, but like the last time we saw the game rear its head, it comes in swinging with loads of new information… which itself just brings more questions than answers, but we are OK with that.

Most significant this time around is a new variation on the trailer for the game. It showcases many of the things we have seen before, such as the opening with a look back on the history of the Dragon World, and the new characters hopping back in time to interrupt the original battle between Goku and Vegeta. However, this trailer ends with a brief glimpse of a new, shadowy figure:

Olivier Hague on our forum brings up a good point, asking the question of whether or not Toriyama’s seemingly-random explanation of the Makaiōshin from the Super Exciting Guide books was a prelude to this game…? Blue skin and shaggy hair, huh? Seems like it might be a good theory. For more information about the Makaiōshin and the new explanations for how the Kaiōshin are born and granted their status, be sure to dig back and check out Episode #0176 of our podcast.

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