FUNimation Remastered Individual Movie Discs Canceled
Published by 25 September 2009, 6:46 PM EDT

Remember those mysterious individual disc releases of the first two Dragon Ball Z movies from the “remastered” steel book double feature we reported about over a month ago? Well, thankfully they have been canceled! (which has absorbed Anime on DVD) has posted a list of FUNimation’s new title solicitations for November, as originally released by RightStuf. The two DVDs in question were amongst the releases on the list, however with a big “CANCELED” right next to them. In addition, their listings have been pulled from both Amazon and RightStuf. It appears that FUNimation agreed with my initial thoughts about these releases and decided it was a bad idea to flood the market with so many copies of these movies, especially if they have “Dragon Box” versions coming in the future.

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