“Raging Blast” European Release Date Confusion
Published by 09 October 2009, 12:13 PM EDT

There seems to be a large amount of head-scratching going on with regard to the release date of Raging Blast across Europe. Amazon UK is listing the “Limited Edition” version of the game (both on PS3 and 360) with a release date of 23 October 2009. However, the standard versions of the games (again, both on the PS3 and 360) seem to be set for 13 November 2009.

Meanwhile, Amazon Germany is listing both the “Limited Edition” and standard versions of the games on both consoles as all being available on 13 November 2009. This appears to be the release date for the rest of Europe, as well.

It seems the only clear release dates are 10 November 2009 for the US and 12 November 2009 for Japan, but at the same time, there are no clear details about “Limited Edition” versions for those territories…

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