Podcast Episode #0200 – Community Celebration!
Published by 07 December 2009, 3:37 PM EST

We would ask you to forgive the day-late posting, but you all are an understanding bunch! As Dragon Ball hits the 25-year mark, our website closes in on a decade, the podcast passed four years… we hit the 200 podcast episodes milestone, as well. There is no better way to celebrate this occasion than by talking with the people who make it happen: our community of friends. Hujio and Corey were live in-studio to talk about community in the DB fandom with us — what has changed over the years, what still needs to change, and what are we all eternally thankful for?

We also announced the winners of our celebration contests to give away Raging Blast, as well as a copy of the first domestic Dragon Box. There was a catch, though… we gave away two Dragon Box sets (an extra one thanks to FUNimation!), and also tossed in a copy of the Yeah! Break! Care! Break! CD single! Download the show now, or head on over to the podcast page for more information or to subscribe.

Two hundred episodes is all thank to you all. We wouldn’t make them if you didn’t listen. An extra-special thanks goes out to the visitors and listeners who came out to the party with us after the show. You rock as much as we do! ^_~

Episode #0200! DragonBall hits 25 years, Daizenshuu EX as a website closes in on 12 years, while the the podcast hits 4 years and 200 episodes. For a fitting topic, Hujio and Corey join us live in-studio to talk about community as it relates to DragonBall fandom. How has it changed over the years, what still needs to change, and what are we all thankful for? Before taking off to celebrate, we give away “Raging Blast” and two Dragon Box sets!


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