“Dragon Ball DS” Price Drop + “DS 2” New Trailer
Published by 26 January 2010, 11:56 AM EST

Game Trailers has a new trailer for Dragon Ball DS 2 up for viewing, showcasing some of the playable secondary characters (including Arale!), the multi-player mode, control configurations, and more. It continues to promote the bonus inclusion of the Shenron no Nazo Famicom game, this time with more footage than just the first stage of the game. The game is due out in Japan 11 February 2010 for ¥5229, with no word on a North American release from Namco-Bandai just yet. You can pre-order the Japanese release of the game (which is region-free) over on Play-Asia for $54.90.

At the end of the trailer, it is revealed that the first Dragon Ball DS is being re-released under the “Welcome Price 2800” line on 28 January 2010, a budget-priced line for (obviously) ¥2800. The original run is still available on Play-Asia for $48.90, though retailers like Amazon Japan have dropped it to ¥2400. The new re-release is up for a pre-order price of $34.90 over on Play-Asia.

The American release of the first game, put out in November 2008 by Atari before losing the license in 2009, came out as Dragon Ball Origins, and is currently available on Amazon for only $17.56. Unlike the recent Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans release on DS from Namco-Bandai which exclusively featured the original Japanese voice cast, Origins exclusively featured English spoken dialogue from FUNimation’s cast.

UPDATE: Our buddy Tsukento wrote in to let us know that GameStop is currently offering the first game for only $9.99 new (and $8.99 used). It is not available online, so if you are interested, hop over to your local store to see if they have it.

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