DBZ Goes On-Demand In France
Published by 04 May 2010, 9:10 AM EDT is reporting that Toei has licensed the Dragon Ball Z TV series (along with Saint Seiya) to two “internet and IPTV on-demand platforms” over in France.

Both series are available via Orange’s PC and IPTV on-demand service, 24/24 Video, and via Club Video, SFR’s IPTV on-demand service. “This is a new way for the fans to have access to these series,” said Toei Animation Europe MD Kanji Kazahaya.

We would love to hear from our French visitors about this. Is it the French dub that is available on these services, and is it an uncut version? Have the recent box sets all across Europe (with the exception of the edited German sets!) created a market for a subtitled Japanese version on-demand, or is that left to the physical product?

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