New Wii Game “Spike” Coming?
Published by 09 August 2010, 3:33 PM EDT

This certainly would not be the first time that a new Dragon Ball game was leaked via online retailer listings. is currently listing a new game for the Nintendo Wii titled simply Dragon Ball Z: Spike. It is an odd title, especially considering that Japanese developer Spike is responsible for the Sparking! and Raging Blast series, though only the second and third Sparking! games (NEO and METEOR) made it to the Wii; the only other Wii game for the franchise so far has been last year’s Tenka’ichi Dai-bōken / Revenge of King Piccolo. The game is listed for release 01 October 2010 in Europe, which is not all that far off. With other games coming out later this year as well, it seems strange that we would not have heard a peep about this game yet so far into 2010.

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