“ZENKAI Battle Royale” Online-Enabled With GGPO
Published by 29 November 2010, 9:26 PM EST

A few sites are reporting that the upcoming arcade game ZENKAI Battle Royale will run on Namco’s own PS3-based System 357 hardware (similar to how Super Dragon Ball Z ran on the PS2-based System 246 hardware), meaning an eventual home port is more likely. The game’s official website has also revealed that it will be on-location for testing from December 10th to 12th (almost all day long at each) at Namco Land Umeda in Osaka, Namco Nakano in Tokyo, and Wonderpark Hakuta in Fukuoka. Even more exciting is the news (by way of Shoryuken) that the game is indeed Internet-based and will run with the GGPO netcode to handle latency and communication.

ZENKAI Battle Royale just gets more and more interesting, so stay tuned for even more information after its test run!

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