FUNimation DBZ Online Streaming Details
Published by 13 January 2011, 11:44 AM EST

Well this is some unfortunate (if not expected) information. According to a tweet from FUNimation (and later reiterated via a blog post), their upcoming streaming of the Dragon Ball ZTV series will use the video masters created for their orange brick “season sets” released from 2007-2009 (with the questionable remastering process and cropped video). While the episodes will be available both in its original Japanese and English dub, the dub side will apparently use the American broadcast music, a harsh step in the opposite direction from what FUNimation has been doing in recent years by exclusively sticking to and reverting back to non-replacement scores.

Our recommendation? Stick with and show your support for the Dragon Box sets.

No such cropped masters exist for the first TV series or Dragon Ball GT (though the latter of which did have a replacement score), and all work FUNimation has done with Kai has been in its intended 4:3 aspect ratio, so we have much higher expectations for the eventual streaming of those shows.

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