“Dragon Ball Kai Original Soundtrack IV” Craziness
Published by 11 February 2011, 2:22 PM EST

I am actually somewhat glad I held off on updating about Dragon Ball Kai Original Soundtrack IV, since the updates keep coming one after another and negate whatever came prior!

Originally scheduled for release later this month, a fourth soundtrack for Dragon Ball Kai was delayed exactly one month until 23 March 2011. Within the last week or so, folks started noticing that its entry on retailer sites like CDJapan listed it as “canceled”.

Soon after that, a completely new listing popped up for the soundtrack with a new catalog number (COCX-36748) and the same March release date… but now as a two-disc set!

A prior description noted that the fourth soundtrack would contain around thirty pieces of unreleased music from the show, but our music sleuths have noted that there are not even twenty pieces from the show that have not yet made their way to disc. With a bump in disc-count, what is going to fill up this space? There are certainly some unused pieces and perhaps new “synth” versions of vocal songs like on prior soundtracks, but even that is a stretch when you consider two discs.

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