“Dragon Ball Heroes” Special Manga & Character Updates
Published by 20 June 2011, 9:30 AM EDT

We noted a few weeks back that while “something” related to Dragon Ball Heroes appeared to be coming soon in V-Jump, contrary to other reports, Naho Ooishi‘s (Dragon Ball SD) name was not attached to whatever that project happened to be. Just a couple days ago, her name did indeed show up attached to the project, however. The V-Jump preview website has updated with more information:

In the August issue (due out in Japan this week), a “special manga” from the author will appear, though all it states is that, in the story, some “super warriors” will attack. There will also be a special “Dragon Hero Times” extra included with the magazine, and everyone who applies (presumably through an included postcard, special e-mail address, or what have you) gets a free “Ultimate Bag”.

UPDATE: By way our Japanese buddy Peking Duck, we now know the new manga as Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock, a three-part short by Naho Ooishi based on a new “What If?” story in which Bardock becomes a Super Saiyan, tying in with his new transformation in Dragon Ball Heroes (see below). The series will span over three issues of V-Jump.

While the third card in the promotional image above on the V-Jump website is obscured, it has since been revealed to be Super Saiyan Bardock, who will presumably show up soon in the card-based arcade game.

New Super Saiyan 3 transformations for both Broli and Vegeta showed up in the card-based arcade games (previously Dragon Battlers) before appearing in the Raging Blast console games over the last two years, making this new transformation for Bardock at least a semi-likely candidate for this fall’s new fighting game.

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