New Video – “Final Bout Opening: A Closer Look”
Published by 11 October 2011, 1:22 PM EDT

Last week’s podcast episode brought in a fantastic amount of feedback! We had long-time fans glad to reminisce with us about the olden days of gaming, newer fans loving a history lesson / dip into the past, and everything in between. We could not be more happy to provide content you enjoy!

Quite a few of you chimed in regarding the opening video to Dragon Ball: Final Bout for the original PlayStation. During our discussion, we somewhat glossed over the final shot in the game’s opening, while many of you clearly saw something and had more to say. I decided that audio was not the best way to go about sharing what I considered “new” information… so I made a video!

Say what you want about my supposed lack of visual scrutiny with this game’s opening, but I can confidently say that I have at least come around as a believer on this one. It only took fourteen years.

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