“Saikyō Jump” Bonus DVD Follow-Up
Published by 04 January 2012, 2:55 PM EST

Since yesterday’s reveal of the upcoming bonus DVD containing both Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans and Episode of Bardock, the official Saikyō Jump website has been updated with this information, noting that the March issue will go on sale 03 February 2012.

The latest issue of Saikyō Jump also notes that the magazine’s featured manga will begin receiving tankōbon releases 03 February 2012. So far only releases for Chopperman (One Piece spin-off) and Rock Lee (Naruto spin-off) have been announced, which are set at ¥400 (~$5.20) a piece. Oddly enough, there has been no mention of Dragon Ball SD or any other main series being released.

This lack of a tankōbon announcement for Dragon Ball SD could be due to said series being produced in full-color (as opposed to most of the other spin-offs), or it could simply be the same as every time we never knew whether or not the next issue of the magazine would even have a chapter of Dragon Ball SD — they just do not announce this stuff in a timely fashion!

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