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Published by 01 April 2012, 8:00 AM EDT


It was back in January 1998 that I launched VegettoEX’s Ultimate DBZ Links Page, which quickly transitioned into a fleshed-out VegettoEX’s Home Page. My goal, as a new and incredibly enthusiastic Dragon Ball fan, was to collect the best information — or at least point people in the right direction to said information — and spread that enthusiasm and joy across the English-speaking fandom.

We became Daizenshuu EX in 1999 with a larger focus on news and detailed information. We re-launched Daizenshuu EX yet again in January 2003 with a focused mission: to spread the love and enjoyment we had for the original Japanese version of the franchise across the entire world, and to be the central resource and community base for the English-speaking fandom (and beyond!). Over these fourteen years, we have truly built that global resource and community into something larger than I could ever imagine. 16-year-old “VegettoEX” would be equally confused and proud.

In 2005, Kanzentai launched with a similar mission, and an appropriate tagline: “the perfect Dragon Ball database”. Over these last seven years, Kanzentai focused on areas we had not yet covered. While Daizenshuu EX focused on music and video games, Kanzentai focused on the production of the series. While Daizenshuu EX created an extensive catalog of American home video releases, Kanzentai created the Japanese complement. Daizenshuu EX cited and cataloged the rumors; Kanzentai detailed the larger stories behind them. We naturally became comrades in our mission.

We have been talking about this in various levels of seriousness for a few years. If you have been with us for a while and look back at the way we have arranged our content, coverage, and collaboration… it probably comes as no surprise.

It is with truly bittersweet excitement that we announce the launch of Kanzenshuu. The comprehensive “completeness” of Daizenshuu EX has combined with the extensive “perfectness” of Kanzentai to form what we hope and know will be the best and most authoritative “collection” of Dragon Ball information and community members the franchise has ever seen. Everything you have come to expect and trust from both sites now lives under the same roof.

We could not wait any longer to show you all what we have been working on. We thought about waiting until December 21st this year to launch, but the chance to hit that hilarious April 1st milestone was an idea we loved too much. That being said, you may notice a couple rooms around the house still need their second coat of paint — look for our “Transformation Guide” and “Video Game Guide” to re-launch with even more information in the near future, and the “Music Database” is still in copy-and-paste Hell for a few more days. On the other hand, some of the old staples have received a nice makeover. Our “Lyrics” have been fleshed out and re-translated. Our “Tidbits” have been updated and of course combined with a few “Mini-Guides”. Some of our (and your!) favorites like the “Rumor Guide” have new citations and images. Our weekly podcast — the one and only Dragon Ball podcast you could ever want! — receives a new name, but continues counting upward this month toward #300 with even more special guests and great topics coming your way. Best of all, if you are already subscribed to the show, there is nothing you need to do to keep receiving new episodes of “Kanzenshuu – The Podcast” each and every week.

One of our favorite aspects of the sites joining forces is the news archive. Not only have we reconciled all of the news updates between both Daizenshuu EX and Kanzentai, we also dug into the archives a bit — while we used to only have news updates dating back to the January 2003 re-launch on Daizenshuu EX, we now have news updates going all the way back to 1998. Everything has its own individual entry, links, and in many cases updated and higher-quality images that were and would have been available at those points in time.

Best of all, you community members will soon have everything integrated into one place. A single login will work for commenting on the site, participating on the forum, and eventually contributing to the best and last Dragon Ball-focused wiki you will ever need. We will need a lot of help to get there, so stay tuned, but know that everything you ever wanted is in the cards.

Truly the essential resource for Dragon Ball fans across the entire globe, this site is not an addition to your Internet wanderings – it is your home. Your wish is finally granted.

Kanzenshuu is here.

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