Masayuki Uchiyama Added to the “Animation Styles Guide”
Published by 03 September 2012, 9:14 AM EDT

It is a beautiful Monday morning here at Kanzenshuu, which naturally brings us yet another update to the “Animation Styles Guide“. This week we examine the work of the Last House studio’s lead animator Masayuki Uchiyama, who was an animation supervisor for the entirety of all three Dragon Ball TV series. However, he by and far receives the most criticism of any animator by fans for providing subpar “cartoony” animation quality. Combine that with the fact that he supervised over a quarter of the series’ 508 episodes and you get a good sense of why there were so many “off” animation days. Sadly, Uchiyama passed away 31 August 2010 at the age of 58 from heart failure.

Enjoy, and look for more updates to our ever-growing “Animation Styles Guide” in the near future!

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