Yamcha and Broli Join “Zenkai Battle Royale”
Published by 08 September 2012, 12:50 PM EDT

Even with a couple extra characters in the form of Mr. Satan and Majin Boo last spring, and even with a pretty sizable “Super Saiyan Awakening” update soon after that, Japanese arcade brawler Zenkai Battle Royale has received a new update introducing Yamcha and Broli (in his “Legendary Super Saiyan” form) to the game, bringing the roster up to 24 characters.

Yamcha steps into battle, with his signature moves, the Roga Fu-Fu Ken and Sōkidan.

While it looks like he can use a regular Kamehameha, it’s actually a special “reverse Kamehameha” that can get him out of tight spots. The Roga Fu-Fu Ken, when it connects, can be made unblockable by holding down the buttons. With moves like these, Yamcha can really confuse his opponent.

After firing the Sōkidan, he can change the target as many times as he wants, allowing him to continue controlling its direction until it hits the ground or the enemy. But as Yamcha is completely unguarded during this time, one must be careful.

As is typical of Yamcha, who is easily affected by others, he can use his “appeal” (with the start button) to increase his special abilities. But if you think Yamcha is weak, you can perform the same action with the “appeal counter” so he gets a taste of his own medicine.

Broli’s style of attack is to pick up his opponents and use them as weapons against them. The technique of spinning around an enemy you’ve picked up is impossible to guard against. In this way, you can inflict major damage on both the enemy you hit and the enemy you hit them with. You can also guard with a held enemy, or use your “Gigantic Throw” to launch your opponent like a missile, and even make them explode. Or you can just do a “Gigantic Driver” to pile-drive them into the ground over and over.

Broli can also use something called the “Gigantic Lariat” to ensnare multiple opponents at once and have them at his mercy.

There is still no word on any possible home release of the game, but as we stated before, if they want to keep tossing more and more into the game before said theoretical home release, we are all for it. Make it great, team!

Thanks to TheDevilsCorpse for the reminder/heads-up.

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