Japanese Celebrity Voices Being Lent to “Battle of Gods”
Published by 17 January 2013, 7:11 PM EST

Olympic gold-medalist jūdō-ka Kaori Matsumoto and voice actress/singer/TV-personality Shōko Nakagawa will both be providing voices to the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods theatrical film, due out nationwide in Japan on 30 March 2013.


Matsumoto will play a female motorcycle police officer modeled on her appearance who appears during a party scene, while Nakagawa will play the “oracle fish” (予言魚) that first brings the God of Destruction “Birusu” to seek out Son Goku. Both provided statements of excitement to Japanese entertainment site Natalie regarding their contributions.

Matusmoto’s remarks are as follows:


I am truly grateful to have been cast as a member of the police motorcycle squad for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. I am very glad to be able to perform in an animated work I’ve loved since I was a child; it will be a treasure I’ll never forget as long as I’m alive. However, it’s my first such experience in my life, and I’m probably even more nervous than with Judo, so I’m unsure whether I’ll be able to do it properly, and still wondering whether this is a dream. Through this performance, I’ll be able to get a little closer to Son Goku, so I’ll throw myself into the role earnestly, and do my best while also enjoying myself.

Meanwhile, “Shoko-tan” (as she is “cutely” referred to as by her fans) stated:

ドラゴンボール新作映画の予告をジャンプで見て感動にうち震えていたら、まさかのゲスト出演決定の知らせが! 生涯最大のミラクルキターー!アルティメット感激です。ありがとうございます!全ての全世界・宇宙が待ち望んでいた待望の新作ということで、ドラゴンボールへの溢れる気持ちをこめて、全身全霊で挑みました。トランクスや悟空、ベジータたちにまた会えると思うと、ここまで生きていてよかったと心から思います。本当に、どんな言葉を持ってしてもこの嬉しさと感激を表せません!

When I saw the preview of the new Dragon Ball movie in Jump, and trembled with excitement, I had no idea that news would come of me being set to do a guest role! The greatest miracle in my life is here — ! I’m ULTIMATE moved. Thank you so much! It’s the long-anticipated new work everybody in the whole world, and universe, has been waiting for, so I took my overflowing passion for Dragon Ball, and tackled it with my whole body and soul. When I think I’ll be able to see Trunks, Goku, Vegeta and the others again, I feel from the heart that I’m glad to have lived this long. Really, whatever words I use, they can’t express my happiness and deep emotion!

Nakagawa is no stranger to Dragon Ball — the personality began a series of anime song cover albums back in 2007, and kicked things off with a full rendition and music video for the opening theme to the first TV series (“Romantikku Ageru yo”). A few years later she continued with the franchise on her third cover songs release with the first closing theme to the Dragon Ball Z TV series (“Detekoi Tobikiri ZENKAI Pawā”) and a TV-sized version of the Dragon Ball GT opening theme (“DAN DAN Kokoro Hikarete ‘ku”).

Thanks to forumite DragonBoxZTheMovies for the heads-up!

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  • b says:

    *Matsumoto’s remarks
    *ending theme to the first TV series

    I’m pumped for the movie; sounds like we’ll see some nice “Toriyama-esque” quirks.

  • daimakku says:

    What an honor! Just imagine being in a movie of a TV series/manga you’ve loved and followed since you were a kid.. I can’t imagine how both of them must feel. Kudos to them, I’m sure they’ll do a great job. My impatience to watch this movie is growing thinner by the day. 😀

  • shmike says:

    I wonder if the US will do something like this and have some celebrity voices do the movie only characters. Twould be pretty funny if they got the cast from Dragon Ball Evolution to provide some of the voices.
    James Marsters as Billis!

  • mozart13x says:

    So it’s ‘Shoko Nakagawa’ who’s done the covers for those two tracks! O.O

    I always did wonder why the singer in those two songs sounded so similar each time LOL! Both being my fav jap tracks for the series anyway (along with the 2 DBZ openings and endings, by Kageyama-san)

    Overall, I feel real happy for them, can’t WAIT for the movie now!!! \m/

  • Chuquita says:

    Very happy for them! It’s gotta be exciting for them as fans to get to be a part of the movie.

  • ea575 says:

    It’s great to see people be involved in one of their most-beloved childhood shows 🙂

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