“Ultimate Blast” Receiving “PlayStation 3 The Best” Re-Release
Published by 15 January 2013, 10:13 AM EST

The big console game of 2011 for the Dragon Ball franchise — Ultimate Blast (released internationally as Ultimate Tenkaichi) — is set to receive a re-release 21 February 2013 on the Sony PlayStation 3 under the reduced-price “The Best” line.


Not necessarily an indication of the game’s quality (an assessment we would certainly caution you about), “The Best” is a line used in Japan to re-issue decently-selling games at a cheaper price, done as a combination tactic to get the game back in the players’ mind space as well as re-issue it under a new SKU rather than reducing the original pressing’s price.

No Xbox 360 re-release is listed in Japan. The PS3 version is up for pre-order on CDJapan with an MSRP of ¥3,800. No cover art has been released, but the standard tactic is to shrink the original cover art down and surround it with a border. Those interested in the original musical score for the game (a newly-synthesized mix of music from original TV series and movies composer Shunsuke Kikuchi, along with a few key bits of music from Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Kai) may be interested in checking out this reduced-price re-release — the music, as was done with the entire Sparking! and Raging Blast series of games, was replaced in the international releases.

Ultimate Blast sold 700,000 copies worldwide by the end of Namco-Bandai’s Fiscal 2012, a (surprising) jump from the 580,000 copies Raging Blast 2 had done in the prior year.

Tag Vs (released internationally as Tenkaichi Tag Team) received an equivalent PSP “The Best” re-release this past summer on 12 July 2012.

The next new game for the franchise, Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission on the Nintendo 3DS, is due out in Japan 28 February 2013 alongside a LaLaBit Market Special Edition version of the game. There is no international release of the game announced as of yet.

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  • gokuden says:

    Good for that game, the more DragonBall exposure we get, the better. But I’m more of a Raging Blast 2 fan, I was hoping we could go that direction in the future. Anyways, I’ll pick it up eventually.

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