“Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission” (3DS) Famitsu Scores
Published by 20 February 2013, 8:29 AM EST

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission for the Nintendo 3DS does not hit Japanese shelves for another week, but Famitsu has handed down their verdict: 8/9/8/8, for a total of 33 out of 40 potential points from the four reviewers.


While I have finally jumped on the American 3DS bandwagon, it has been tough to justify double-dipping on a Japanese model, which is essential for playing the game now that Nintendo has instituted region-locking. Fear not, though, for our own Herms is outfitted with the necessary hardware and is ready for when the game drops 28 February 2013. Much like he was able to cover Attack of the Saiyans long before its international release, look forward to our coverage of Ultimate Mission here on the site and podcast… especially since there is still no word on an (increasingly unlikely) international release for this one!

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