V-Jump (May 2013) Akira Toriyama Special Interview Translated
Published by 20 March 2013, 12:08 PM EDT

In addition to the three interview translations we posted yesterday, we have one more doozy for you to read through today: the “Akira Toriyama Special Interview” from today’s May 2013 issue of V-Jump all about the upcoming film, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

In the interview, Toriyama discusses his view on how to introduce “gods” into the Dragon Ball series, humorous conflicts between how a character is designed and their ultimate strength, creating unwritten background stories to base new tales off of, and the obligatory instance of explaining how he has forgotten certain things.

Check out this interview over in our “Translations” section, which continues to grow by the day! There are even more Battle of Gods-related interviews coming your way — including another one from this same issue of V-Jump — so stay tuned.

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  • fogdark says:

    After reading this translation, I am more sure than ever that they should have dropped the “Super” from the Super Saiyan God. The transformation into a god doesn’t seem at all related to the Super Saiyan transformations. I think it’d have been better to have called that form, either “Saiyan God”, or God of the Saiyan”
    I do like the look of Super Saiyan God though, and I agree with Toriyama that it was time to bring a new form back to basics.
    Thanks for the translation, Julian!

  • Haha, Toriyama sounds like such a relaxed cool guy :p What a hero :p

  • sangofe says:

    Toriyama is being like his old self 😀

    -No, no! Nappa was plenty strong. (laughs) Although Birusu is in a class of his own. Now then, speaking of Birusu, there’s his attendant, the mysterious man Uisu. How did the birth of this character come about?
    A sign of the times, I suppose….
    -A sign of the times?
    “Guess it’s about time I brought out a good-lookin’ feller1, too!” …

    -Do you write down notes anywhere for that sort of background information?
    No, I don’t do that. That’s why I keep on forgetting things. If I don’t forget stuff, new ideas won’t come to mind. For example, you know how there’s “Super Saiyan 3″?
    Yes. Where the hair gets long.
    I didn’t know that. (laughs) The whole time, I thought that was “Super Saiyan 2″. (laughs)
    And I drew that myself. (laughs) Anyhow, I thought “2″ was the one with long hair. It was like, “Man, I’ve really forgotten stuff…”.

  • JacobYBM says:

    Typo: “But since were going to have the entire cast,” should be ‘we were’. 😛

    God, I love the old man. What a guy.

  • wobbuffet says:

    “Now then, did you enter the recording with a different attitude from the usual?”
    Wasn’t this part from the interview with Masako Nozawa?

  • batistabus says:

    Okay…I think I’ve finally wrapped my head around it. Super Saiyan God is not actually a transformation…it’s just the divine energy of the God of the Saiya that Goku (and anyone else who gains access to it) can tap into.

  • ea575 says:

    So Birusu IS based on Anubis…

  • ea575 says:

    And I like the way Toriyama thinks. He doesn’t do things without a reason to, and he tries to be consistent.

  • HLEV says:

    Toriyama just keeps making me laugh… in a good way! And interested as well! He’s just so different than any other author I know…

    Anyway, Toriyama told that he had somewhat wrote the story himself, right? Besides the battle scenes, that is. But wouldn’t that make HIM the MAIN scriptwriter? Or am I just reading too much into it and what Toriyama wrote was just a part of BOG’s story?

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