Podcast Episode #0341
Published by 19 August 2013, 7:24 PM EDT

This calm before the (Battle of Gods home release!) storm has us feeling a little nostalgic, so this time around on the show we dove back into the past to talk a little bit about For younger fans, a completely decentralized message system — one not tied to any established website or existing community — might seem completely bonkers. For those of us at the time, it was a mystifying wild west of learning, discovery, and friendships. Kanzenshuu would not be what it is today without our favorite old newsgroup, so tune in for a little history lesson and real-talk about those formative years.


Episode #0341! VegettoEX and Julian dive into the days of, the essential newsgroup for discussing our favorite series back-in-the-day. What type of community evolved there once the series came to North America, and how did it shape what ultimately became Daizenshuu EX and then Kanzenshuu? Fun bits of “Dragon Ball Heroes” and other merchandise news wraps it up!


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