Super 17 Absorbing #16 in “Dragon Ball Heroes” GM9
Published by 20 August 2013, 9:45 PM EDT

“Galaxy Mission 9” hit the arcade version of Dragon Ball Heroes in Japan last month, but the updates are not slowing down. First hinted in the pages of the September 2013 issue of V-Jump last month, Super 17 has the ability to absorb other Artifical Humans, just like Cell, but it was not shown which ones at that time. But now it has been revealed on the official Dragon Ball Heroes website.

In the depths of the Hell stage, on Level 4 of “Galaxy Mission 9”, you will face off against Super 17 who now has the ability to absorb #16! This new “Further Evolution” ability allows him to take his already-advanced stage (having merged #17 and Hell Fighter #17 together to create Super 17 in the first place) to an aptly-described — and quite buff — further evolution simply called “Jinzōningen Absorption”. Feast your eyes upon the new, super powered-up, perfect physique!

This new absorption is but the latest in a string of new transformations and appearances for prior franchise villains, with one of the most recent and interesting ones being last September’s unveiling of “Janenba Baby”.

Thanks, as always, to TheDevilsCorpse for keeping us on our toes about Dragon Ball Heroes updates!

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