FUNimation Blu-ray DBZ “Season One” Listed For January 2014
Published by 13 September 2013, 3:48 PM EDT

In July 2011, FUNimation announced a new Blu-ray remaster of the Dragon Ball Z TV series. Half a year later, after only two volumes hit store shelves, they announced their work on the release would be indefinitely suspended.

Last June, the company conducted an online survey asking fans about their potential interest in a revived Blu-ray release of the series, putting forth questions about cropping, a release schedule, pricing, etc.

Listings-superfan WTK posted up a link to the latest Previews sheet for October’s solicitations, which clearly lists a “Season One” version of some type of Blu-ray release:


Are we looking at a January 2014 re-try for FUNimation and an HD version of Dragon Ball Z at $44.98? Will it be 2007 all over again with cropped video? Will the first batch of episodes be re-remastered to fall in line with whatever new process they have decided upon, or will it be the same remastering process just with a few more years worth of experience behind them?

As of right now, we know nothing… so stay tuned!

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