Selecta Visión Acquires “Battle of Gods” License For Spain
Published by 20 October 2013, 9:12 AM EDT

Selecta Visión has been on a roll recently, tossing out even more remasters of the various Dragon Ball series, and now coming out swinging again with the big announcement that many fans in Spain have been waiting for: Battle of Gods has been licensed!


The announcement was made alongside a screening of the film at this year’s Sitges Festival. There are no specific details yet about a release date/plan, but the company urges its fans to stay tuned to their Facebook page for more information.

Thanks to sangofe and MrKaytos for the heads-up.

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  • Lance Freeman says:

    Come on, Fox, look at all the money you could be making by putting this out. You don’t even have to dub it, just bring in a competant subber (it’s not that hard, just go to any Anime fansite board and you’ll find dozens) and put it out subbed.

  • VegettoEX says:

    Judging by the questions we’ve received from people watching bootleg English subtitled versions of the movie, I don’t want Fox touching fansubbers with a ten-foot-pole.

    Not that they ever would, but YOU shouldn’t want that, either!

  • sangofe says:

    You know, VegettoEX, most, if not all the translators from crunchyroll started by being fansubbing translators. Even Steven J. Simmons was a fan before a professional translator, wasn’t he? I’m not saying there aren’t bad fansubbers, but there certainly are good ones, too!

  • sangofe says:

    Anyway, I just want to add that I by no means think Battle of Gods should be translated by anyone else than Simmons. Why not pay the man for a good script?

  • goku262002 says:

    Is this what were reduced too? that we have soo less of faith that FUNi will dub this that were begging for subs now?

    God damn, what a state the US dragonball franchise is in. 😕

  • VegettoEX says:

    @sangofe: I’m simply saying that, as a large company with the resources to appropriately and professionally handle it, there’s absolutely no need for Fox to go scouring random anime message boards pleading for someone to translate it for them. That’s just a laughable situation not based in any sort of reality.

    @goku262002: Considering the type of audience that Kanzenshuu serves, requests for official subtitles above/before any kind of dub is not a surprise at all.

  • goku262002 says:

    Yeah I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, allot of the KaiZEX fan base did grow up with the JP dub, I’m just one the off ones that did grow up with the US dub.

    Still, just wish we heard something by now, even if its a full “their will be no dub” denial at least we get something about the uncertainty of the BoG dub.

  • Lance Freeman says:

    The worst fansubs on the internet would be preferrable to Chat-ku any day of the week.

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