Bardock & Coola Coming to Arcades in “Zenkai Battle Royale”
Published by 21 October 2013, 11:05 AM EDT

While the upcoming 360/PS3/Vita outing Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is getting a lot of attention recently, the nearly-three-years-old arcade brawler Zenkai Battle Royale continues to receive balance updates and additional characters to its already-impressive roster.

Revealed in today’s December 2013 issue of V-Jump in Japan is news that Bardock will be joining the fight!


Bardock is able to take damage received and turn it into power to deal back even more significantly against his opponent.

A side column teases what is clearly Coola — “that elder brother” — in his final form from the fifth Dragon Ball Z movie. At this time, the magazine simply urges players to look forward to more information. Last year Zarbon was teased in a similar way, with the official reveal coming soon after.

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